Wednesday, 7 November 2007

I do do knitting on occation too.

I seem to have got into this terrible habbit of casting on things and then not getting round to finishing them. Right now i have two bags, one large blanket, one sock and two baby blankets (for my special project which i will tell you about after. Out of these things onely one is even halfway through. I blame my sister for teaching me the one needle cast on method lol.
In the last few weeks i have managed to finish two items. The first is what i call my fraggle scarf. I love the colours on this and its really soft i wish i could say that i enjoyed knitting it though.

This next one i am really pleased with, it's a little SKBU body warmer. It's the first time i have had a go at clothes so to speak, i know there are no sleeves but i had to make buttong holes and do shaping which i haven't really done before. The body warmer has buttons on the shoulders so that it can be put on the baby without distrubing any tubes and wires there may be. It is really soft as i did it in snowflake and it only took about 18 hours of knitting time over four days which for me is great.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

New additions

About three weeks ago George came up to me in the school yard and asked if he could have a pet snail. Yes you read right a snail. It turns out one of the teachers has giant african land snails and they have had babies.....lots of babies. I went to see the teacher and she assured me that they are very easy to look after all i needed to get was a little tank for it. So we went to the pet shop and got the tank, they didn't have any smalll ones so we got the medium one which was fine as it wasn't that much more. Only trouble was George figured out there would be room for two snails in this tank.
When we got them they were tiny, i really didn't realise how tiny they would be. Well prepared mummy didn't think about taking a picture of them until they had been with us a week. They grew by about 50%.

So let me introduce to you Martha & The Doctor although they don't look like this now they have doubled in size again. They are great fun to watch if you look carefully you can see them eating and when they are on your hand you can feel them moving and sort of licking you.

It's close to midnight

A bit late for this but i have been busy with coursework so the blog kind of got swept under the carpet. Every year i tend to get stuff in for trick or treaters and every year no-one comes and i end up scoffing all the goodies, so this year i went to a party instead saved my money and my hips. George helped me to carve the pumpkin the day before halloween so all we had to do was figure out what he was going to dress up as, i think there are only so many times a boy can dress up a the grim reaper before he gets fed up. As usual being the well prepared mother that i am we had to do a mad dash to the shops to find something nice and cheep to wear. Cut to ten minutes later and we are heading back to the car with a tube of fake blood, a glow stick and some stick on scabs&cuts. Tie this in with George's kick boxing outfit,some talc and some of my make up and this is what results...

This is our effort at pumpkin carving although i have to say it wasn't all our own work because i got the stensils of the internet.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Mama's got a brand new bag

Well i finally finished the joint Bag Ladies project at the weekend. I have had the bag ready to sew together for a while now but only got round to it at the weekend. I am really pleased with most of it. It's just the handles i am not too fussed on. I haven't lined it yet but its ready to idea when that will happen mind lol.

I think the reason i ended up making the bag was because i got really into making bags. I started making one off the top of my head while i had a few days off last week. I am really pleased with how it turned out too. I am sure there are patterns out there like this but i just went with the flow when i made it. If feels really soft although i think i need to line this one too.
Then as i seemed to be on a role i wanted to do something else. I had this tape like stuff and had no clue what to to with it. I really didn't like it before i started knitting it up but i am pleased with how it turned out and it needs to be lined. The pattern was a twisted ribbon stitch that i got from free patterns online.

Thursday, 9 August 2007


I got into making cards a while ago but i only make them now and again as i always worry they will be rubbish. I then only thought to take photo's of just a few of them. Anyway here they are. The first one was for my neice i also made her a little bookmark.
Not really sure who the butterfly card was for.
The baby card was for a dear frind of mine who had a very special little girl a few years after her first child Joshua passed away at 2 days old.
The last one is for a lady that i work with who is like a mother to me.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A little bit more of me.

I thought i might show a few more bits of stuff i like to do.

The first thing i ever learned to was cross stitch. I took it up to while away the time when my DH was playing cricket. I have stitched many thing since then and have even tried designing a few myself. I don't have pictures of everything i did but here are a few of my favourites.
The one with the boys at the beach is one i did in memory of my three little boys who were born sleeping. Evan, Adam and Ryan. A friend bought it for me and it was just perfect as they are all blonde and you can't see their faces.
This is one is the one i am proudest of to date. It took me quite a while to design and even longer to sew. On the red pannel i have added beads by hand one by one.It was for my sisters wedding and she had no idea i was making it. I kept asking questions about what her & her husband would be wearing, at the time i was also planning her hen night so she was a little worried. The look on their face when they saw it was worth staying up till all hours for the weeks/months it took.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

I have a stash

I knew it would happen some time so i guess i shouldn't moan. I have been knitting on and off for a few years now but only ever easy things like square or really easy premee clothes. I had only ever bought wool for the job needed when the job would be done. As an avid crafter of many things i have built up a stash of some of the other hobbies i do, like cross stitch ( if i never buy another pattern again i still would have too many to do in my lifetime), card making and scrapbooking too.

I tell you the devil made me do it yesterday though. My sister phoned me and asked me if i wanted to take a trip to colinette as a friend of ours had some great bargins there over the weekend. How could i not go. We spent a total of about 6 hours in the car for 25 minutes of shopping but i tell you it was all worth it.

I was more restrained then my sister and went for a £10 mix bag. I can't tell you what exactly was in there as none of the stuff has any labels on. All i know is i have some mohair, and some jitterbug. I also got some other stuff some of which i think is banyan. In total the whole stash cost me £19.40. I don't really know what i am going to do with most of it although i might try some shawls, scarfs and cushion covers.

Friday, 27 July 2007

There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

I went to see a show that i have always wanted to see last weekend.

Starlight Express

We went on the train which due to the weather was an adventure all on it's own, trust the rail service to think things through clearly. Most roads were either blocked or full of traffic so people were resorting to what do they do send two fecking cars to take 200/300 + people to Bristol. I am just glad i wasn't one of the people who had to try to get to London. It was no better on the way back either, we ended up taking a taxi home for the last part of the journey. I shouldn't really mosn because it was just my transport that was buggered up not my home like so many people have had to suffer this past few weeks.

We went for a meal first in a lovely little Italian resaurant. The food was fantastic and i would eat there again, although this time i will have a clue about the offering of garlic bread while you order not actually being free lol. I am also not used to eating anywhere that charges a cover charge just for sitting. I live somewhere where they are happy enough to have the service. It's not like we didn't spend a fair amount. My good i am starting to sound like my dad lol.

Anyway back to Starlight, it was great, unfortunatley it wasn't in London as the show closed some time ago. So we didn't get to see the show happening around us, but we had the best seats in the house, well we thought so Royal circle, front row smack bang in the middle. That said they came up with a way of making it work. It was updated to fit with the times in reguards to some of the train's names. The Rocky Freights became the HIp Hopper Freights. They filmed the races on a screen and made it 3D. We were all given 3D (safety googles) glasses to wear when the races were on and a huge screen came down and filled the stage. It really was like things were coming out at you. Believe it or not this was the first time i have ever watched anything in 3D. I loved all the songs and the people playing the parts now are wicked. We were singing, clapping and waving our arms at all the right places. At the curtain call were were pretending that we were pulling a train whistle and Rusty saw us and did it back.

If i ever get the chance i think i will go and see the show in Germany as they have a specially built stage to do the show. I came out of the show with a keyring, t-shirt and a copy of the shows original recording.

Here today, here tomorrow and the next day and the next..........

I have been wanting another tattoo for quite a while now and a few weeks ago i finally got it. A bloke i work with also tattoo's for a living. He is an excellent artist and was really good when i told him what i was thinking of having. He drew the perfect picture got it just how i had described and we booked a date.
It's all healed now and i love it. I will have to take a picture of it soon as it is an add on to one that i had a few years ago. It matches perfectly too.

The first picture is the outline and the second is the colour however the top of the design is missing on the coloured in one.
It's a bit red but thats becuase he had just finished.
This tattoo is running up the midle of my back along the spine. It goes just past my bra strap.
The ribbon at the bottom of the vine is a babyloss awareness ribbon.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Out of the closet

Today was national knitting in public day. We all met in our usual place and there were a few more of us this week, although it was a shame my sister wasn't feeling very well.

I finally finished the one side of the group project the bag and then started the little hats for the innocent smoothies. After the knitting we went to find a shop that was selling the smoothies so we could get a photo with them on top. Well after trying about four shops we went into wilkinsons and settled for fruit shoots. So there we were putting these little hats on the bottles when this girl comes up to get a drink, well you should have seen the look she gave us it was a " should you be back in the secure unit by now" look.

I have to say the hats looked fab. Although my little hat is now keeping a phone warm along with the mini leg warmer i made when i got home. Gave it to a friends daughter for her 18th...she seemed to like it. note to self make everyone one for christmas..that or a scarf.

Went to a party in the evening and did the usual song on the karaoke, much to my sons utter horror.

So here is me with my hat and linda with her 3 in Wilkinsons, mine is the little rainbow one.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

I am changing my name to Numpty Thickhead

I only created this bloody thing lastnight so you would think that i would have had no trouble signing in today. Well if i was a half brained monkey with only one finger then i would have been better equiped to get back in. It just took me 15 mins to get back in here, it was only with the help of my sister that i am now able to post. Little did i know that when google was asking for my user name what it really wanted was my e-mail address ffs.

So another day closer to the weekend thank god. I only work three days a week right now but even that is too many. In my defence every moment i am not working or sleeping is taken up with studying, coursework, classroom practice or crafting. Saying that i spent most of the day doing inventory or playing pass the pig (great game)

Met one of the girls from my knitting group today, she gave me two huuuuuge bags of wool. Theres loads of it, i am meant to be showing to my sister but i am deciding if i am going to hide all the choice stuff first lol. Although there's not really any point in doing that as she has a link to my i have just grassed myself up lol.
Debz you don't really need any more wool so i will do you a fovour and have it all pmsl.

I have every intention of uploading some of my efforts at crafting today, but it's already 8pm and i have done sod all. If i do manage it you must all leave glowing praise of my efforts or i will sulk.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Lets start at the very begining

Here i go for the 2nd time. Back last year i thought i would try one of these things. I had read others and thought well i could do that. So off i trotted and made one, only to forget how to get back into the bloody thing and not saving the link so even if i did know how to post i couldn't bloody find it.

I have no idea if people will read this, i would be lying if i said i was just doing this for me because i want people to look at things i have made and tell me they are nice. I want people to think i am either funny or that i write with feelings.

I suppose there are 1000's apon 1000's of people out there claiming that all their friends say they are funny and then you read the blog and realize that either their friends all have to take medication after every meal to stop them eating the checkers pieces, or they are big fat liars.

So what is my blog going to be about....everything. If i think it then it has a large chance of boring anyone out there who is still with me.

So thats my first post..lets just hope i can find this frigging thing and get back in.