Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A little bit more of me.

I thought i might show a few more bits of stuff i like to do.

The first thing i ever learned to was cross stitch. I took it up to while away the time when my DH was playing cricket. I have stitched many thing since then and have even tried designing a few myself. I don't have pictures of everything i did but here are a few of my favourites.
The one with the boys at the beach is one i did in memory of my three little boys who were born sleeping. Evan, Adam and Ryan. A friend bought it for me and it was just perfect as they are all blonde and you can't see their faces.
This is one is the one i am proudest of to date. It took me quite a while to design and even longer to sew. On the red pannel i have added beads by hand one by one.It was for my sisters wedding and she had no idea i was making it. I kept asking questions about what her & her husband would be wearing, at the time i was also planning her hen night so she was a little worried. The look on their face when they saw it was worth staying up till all hours for the weeks/months it took.


daisydap said...

nice to finally see some of your work on your blog sis :)

Linda said...

These are gorgeous. I can appreciate how many hours worth of work went into each one.

Emerald said...

Hiya sis,lovely pictures you got on here,i can see what youve been up too aswell lol.