Tuesday, 7 August 2007

I have a stash

I knew it would happen some time so i guess i shouldn't moan. I have been knitting on and off for a few years now but only ever easy things like square or really easy premee clothes. I had only ever bought wool for the job needed when the job would be done. As an avid crafter of many things i have built up a stash of some of the other hobbies i do, like cross stitch ( if i never buy another pattern again i still would have too many to do in my lifetime), card making and scrapbooking too.

I tell you the devil made me do it yesterday though. My sister phoned me and asked me if i wanted to take a trip to colinette as a friend of ours had some great bargins there over the weekend. How could i not go. We spent a total of about 6 hours in the car for 25 minutes of shopping but i tell you it was all worth it.

I was more restrained then my sister and went for a £10 mix bag. I can't tell you what exactly was in there as none of the stuff has any labels on. All i know is i have some mohair, and some jitterbug. I also got some other stuff some of which i think is banyan. In total the whole stash cost me £19.40. I don't really know what i am going to do with most of it although i might try some shawls, scarfs and cushion covers.

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