Friday, 27 July 2007

There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

I went to see a show that i have always wanted to see last weekend.

Starlight Express

We went on the train which due to the weather was an adventure all on it's own, trust the rail service to think things through clearly. Most roads were either blocked or full of traffic so people were resorting to what do they do send two fecking cars to take 200/300 + people to Bristol. I am just glad i wasn't one of the people who had to try to get to London. It was no better on the way back either, we ended up taking a taxi home for the last part of the journey. I shouldn't really mosn because it was just my transport that was buggered up not my home like so many people have had to suffer this past few weeks.

We went for a meal first in a lovely little Italian resaurant. The food was fantastic and i would eat there again, although this time i will have a clue about the offering of garlic bread while you order not actually being free lol. I am also not used to eating anywhere that charges a cover charge just for sitting. I live somewhere where they are happy enough to have the service. It's not like we didn't spend a fair amount. My good i am starting to sound like my dad lol.

Anyway back to Starlight, it was great, unfortunatley it wasn't in London as the show closed some time ago. So we didn't get to see the show happening around us, but we had the best seats in the house, well we thought so Royal circle, front row smack bang in the middle. That said they came up with a way of making it work. It was updated to fit with the times in reguards to some of the train's names. The Rocky Freights became the HIp Hopper Freights. They filmed the races on a screen and made it 3D. We were all given 3D (safety googles) glasses to wear when the races were on and a huge screen came down and filled the stage. It really was like things were coming out at you. Believe it or not this was the first time i have ever watched anything in 3D. I loved all the songs and the people playing the parts now are wicked. We were singing, clapping and waving our arms at all the right places. At the curtain call were were pretending that we were pulling a train whistle and Rusty saw us and did it back.

If i ever get the chance i think i will go and see the show in Germany as they have a specially built stage to do the show. I came out of the show with a keyring, t-shirt and a copy of the shows original recording.

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ter@waaoms said...

Looks like it might be fun. I don't think I've ever seen anything in 3D either.