Sunday, 10 June 2007

Out of the closet

Today was national knitting in public day. We all met in our usual place and there were a few more of us this week, although it was a shame my sister wasn't feeling very well.

I finally finished the one side of the group project the bag and then started the little hats for the innocent smoothies. After the knitting we went to find a shop that was selling the smoothies so we could get a photo with them on top. Well after trying about four shops we went into wilkinsons and settled for fruit shoots. So there we were putting these little hats on the bottles when this girl comes up to get a drink, well you should have seen the look she gave us it was a " should you be back in the secure unit by now" look.

I have to say the hats looked fab. Although my little hat is now keeping a phone warm along with the mini leg warmer i made when i got home. Gave it to a friends daughter for her 18th...she seemed to like it. note to self make everyone one for christmas..that or a scarf.

Went to a party in the evening and did the usual song on the karaoke, much to my sons utter horror.

So here is me with my hat and linda with her 3 in Wilkinsons, mine is the little rainbow one.

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