Thursday, 31 May 2007

I am changing my name to Numpty Thickhead

I only created this bloody thing lastnight so you would think that i would have had no trouble signing in today. Well if i was a half brained monkey with only one finger then i would have been better equiped to get back in. It just took me 15 mins to get back in here, it was only with the help of my sister that i am now able to post. Little did i know that when google was asking for my user name what it really wanted was my e-mail address ffs.

So another day closer to the weekend thank god. I only work three days a week right now but even that is too many. In my defence every moment i am not working or sleeping is taken up with studying, coursework, classroom practice or crafting. Saying that i spent most of the day doing inventory or playing pass the pig (great game)

Met one of the girls from my knitting group today, she gave me two huuuuuge bags of wool. Theres loads of it, i am meant to be showing to my sister but i am deciding if i am going to hide all the choice stuff first lol. Although there's not really any point in doing that as she has a link to my i have just grassed myself up lol.
Debz you don't really need any more wool so i will do you a fovour and have it all pmsl.

I have every intention of uploading some of my efforts at crafting today, but it's already 8pm and i have done sod all. If i do manage it you must all leave glowing praise of my efforts or i will sulk.


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daisydap said...

and yes numpty thickhead suits you much better, lolololol