Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Lets start at the very begining

Here i go for the 2nd time. Back last year i thought i would try one of these things. I had read others and thought well i could do that. So off i trotted and made one, only to forget how to get back into the bloody thing and not saving the link so even if i did know how to post i couldn't bloody find it.

I have no idea if people will read this, i would be lying if i said i was just doing this for me because i want people to look at things i have made and tell me they are nice. I want people to think i am either funny or that i write with feelings.

I suppose there are 1000's apon 1000's of people out there claiming that all their friends say they are funny and then you read the blog and realize that either their friends all have to take medication after every meal to stop them eating the checkers pieces, or they are big fat liars.

So what is my blog going to be about....everything. If i think it then it has a large chance of boring anyone out there who is still with me.

So thats my first post..lets just hope i can find this frigging thing and get back in.

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daisydap said...

welcome to the world of blogger sis