Tuesday, 6 November 2007

New additions

About three weeks ago George came up to me in the school yard and asked if he could have a pet snail. Yes you read right a snail. It turns out one of the teachers has giant african land snails and they have had babies.....lots of babies. I went to see the teacher and she assured me that they are very easy to look after all i needed to get was a little tank for it. So we went to the pet shop and got the tank, they didn't have any smalll ones so we got the medium one which was fine as it wasn't that much more. Only trouble was George figured out there would be room for two snails in this tank.
When we got them they were tiny, i really didn't realise how tiny they would be. Well prepared mummy didn't think about taking a picture of them until they had been with us a week. They grew by about 50%.

So let me introduce to you Martha & The Doctor although they don't look like this now they have doubled in size again. They are great fun to watch if you look carefully you can see them eating and when they are on your hand you can feel them moving and sort of licking you.

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Ter said...

pet snails, eh? Can you say escaragot? ;)