Friday, 1 June 2012

My first sewing boutique pack

As you know i was chosen to be on the design team for The Sewing Boutique. I got my pack on the 19th of May. I was so excited about the challenge i ripped it open right away I then forgot to take photos of it all when i sat down to create something so i will have to tell you what i had.
The theme was jubilee colours so there were 3 sheets of lovely thick felt, a button pack, some blue gingham bows and a Union Flag button.
I sat down at my work table with a pencil and some paper and had a think about what to do.
The day before i had been to a craft show in Cardiff where Rhi from the boutique just happened to have a stall and i bought some keyring hoops so i though about making a keyring. I am a lover of them and have more keyrings than keys on my fob.
Now i am not the best drawer but like to have a little visual sometimes so i cam up with a few sketches to work from. These are my little drawings.

Owls seem quite popular at the moment so i thought i could mix the two.
I didn't realise how fiddly actually sewing on the flag bits would be but i am happy with how things turned out. The heart was just as tricky with the little bits but now i have some templates i may make other versions.

 I thought i better try and take a photos so you could see how lovely the packaging is and the items i got. As you can see i also had to sew bits on and cut off at the ends to make sure i had it just right.

This finished designs aren't too far away from my drawings so i was really happy with them.
I haven't quite decided if i will make more of these as they took about an hour each to make but i might offer them to order on my page Willowlane Designs for £7 plus p&p.

The next to come was the mini bunting. I thought it would look cute in the back of my car. I needed a few more bows to finish this off so i made them myself with some ribbon. I am rather proud they don't look too different from the ones in the pack.
This is now hanging in my car and i love it. I haven't seen anything like it and am going to expand on the idea some more. If you would like to order one of these with a name on or just as you see it please use the link above to my facebook page.
So these are the makes from my first Design Team Pack. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to get going on the next one. It made me think about other items i haven't made before and i think i even got a new product out of it :-) Thanks Rhi and here's to the next one.


The Sewing Boutique said...

Loved all of your designs, but my favourite has to be the bunting - such a good idea!

Will be putting together a blog post over the weekend of all the Design Team makes to celebrate the Jubilee and I've already thought about what to send you all for this month!

Rhi x x

heartstitch said...

oooh everyone loves an owl! I'm with Rhi though, the bunting is my favourite - a great way to brighten up a motor :D
I don't know about you, but I'm already itching to get my paws on next months pack!

Lane aka Willow said...

I can't wait for the next pack Rhi & Elli its been so much fun and just what i needed. I have to say the bunting is my favourite too, funny cos it was my last idea of the three and a sort of after thought as i hate to waste even the smallest amount of fabric.