Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Latest makes and other things.

The sun is finally starting to win the battle over the rain and it make such a difference to everything. Not heating, no lights and best of all washing outside on the line.
The sun also lifts my mood which is good as i think i may have been in a slump for a while. Last week i decided that enough was enough and the excuses had to stop, the reason i wasn't losing weight was down to only one thing, ME and the fact i was putting more in then i was working off. I have decided that there is to be NO snacking between meals and no biscuits, sweets or chocolate at all. This resulting in a slightly grumpy me while i get used to less food but also a 2lb weight loss on weigh in day. This week is the hardest one i think because i always seem to do well first week and not the 2nd. Plus i have to weigh a day early due to seeing Bruce Springsteen the day before weigh in and being in a different city.

So now down to the crafting. I have made a few things since the last entry and got a few orders in my book which i like. Working for yourself is sometimes strange. Of course its about the money but i think when you make things its also about people liking what you do.
I finished Miss Colette and i am very happy with her. She will be going on a long journey next month all the way to America.
She has a dress to change into and of course some knickers. Her little boots also come off.

I did a craft fair that i didn't organise for the first time in a while, it was good to sit there and relax. The time went so quickly. I learnt i need to plan my table more and have since bought a few items to aid my display.
I made up lots of peg magnets and a few oilcloth bag charms/keyrings.
 I will be getting a board for my work area i think so i can organise my to do list. I am a list writer for just about anything. So some of these will do just nicely.

These little bag charms I really enjoyed making these. They were a little challenging on the machine, i think i have an idea on how to stop them sticking, when i make the next batch. This is my first step into working with oilcloth and i am hoping to make some bags with some material that i bought ages ago.

I have had a little go at a new item this week too, while out shopping for supplies to help the look of my stall I found some really nice plates. There was two of one type and one of another but i thought they would look lovely as a cake stand. So off to the charity shop i went and found the perfect glasses. Its the first time i have had a go at this sort of thing but i have to say i am really pleased with the way it turned out, the best part is someone else liked it too so it has been sold.
Its one of the odd things that you buy the items to make and then sell on but a little part of you wants to keep everything. Of course this can't happen unless i buy a bigger house so i better get back to the sewing machine.
Until next time xoxo


The Sewing Boutique said...

Love those cake stands! Most of my display items on my stall have come from charity shops (that and Ikea!)

Love the little welsh girl too, hope she travels well!

Rhi x x

ter@waaoms said...

good job. I actually bought some pegs to do the same thing for my last craft sale but never did get around to it. I should do that soon with some of my scraps of retired paper.

Lane aka Willow said...

AW Thanks, I enjoyed making something different. I was in two mins about selling it but i have to be good or i will end up on one of those hoarder programs where you can only see my head.