Wednesday, 4 July 2012

50 shades of crafting.

Where does time go. If you are waiting for something to happen it seems to drag, however if you need to do something or make a decision to be a regular at something time seems to slip away before you know it.
I always intend to practice my section of the songs I sing with a group I sing with at home Mello'D'. Then before i know it Thursday is here and I have to go to singing practice and the tape recorder hasn't moved from my bag.
Then there is my Zumba dvd that hasn't seen the dvd player for months, its a good job i get to class at least once a week.
Lastly (for now) there is the up keep of blog posts, i promise to do smaller posts more often. Yet here i am with a long post planned to let you know what's been happening at the table of Willowlane Designs.

First of all one of my favourite things was the next design team pack from The Sewing Boutique. I opening up my pack to find a FQ of their new fabric. Michael Miller's Mod Blooms and some lovely turquoise spotty ribbon. this Fabric called out for me to make something to wear. The first thing that sprung to mind was my friends little 3 month old baby girl Maddison. I had some polycotton that would go really well with this. The plan was to put some ribbon bows onto the skirt too but as i know my friend doesn't like things too "faffy" as we both say I decided not to add them. This just means I have what's left of the fabric and the ribbon left to make something for me. So here is the finished product, i like it that much i might start making them to order on my page Willowlane Designs Facebook Page.

I also organise craft fairs around my local areas and in June I was at a new venue for the Blaenavon World Heritage Festival. It was one of my biggest event yet and was a very busy and eventful day, best of all I made some sales. For this event i took some of my new thank you teacher cuts which seemed to go down really well with one not returning home with me and an order for two more.

Then finally for the last part of my makes for this blog. It seems to be selling like hotcakes in the UK and i am currently enjoying the 2nd book. You have more than likely guessed it already but the books in question are "Fifty Shades of Grey"
With this in mind i set about making some items for my page. When i find the time i will be making a t-shirt for myself too :-) All available to order, there is even a maternity range too.

So those were some of the things that were keeping me busy this past few weeks I hope you liked them. 
Until next time. 
Laters, Baby

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