Sunday, 8 January 2012

My new year begins tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the 9th of Jan but I am counting that as my new year. The reason for this is food, I have rubbish will power so not eating all the goodies that were left over after Christmas is NOT an option for me nor is throwing it all away. So i decided to extend my holidays until the food was gone.
I like to plan ahead so i have stocked the kitchen with healthier options for myself and have committed to getting 8 Zumba classes in by the end of the month. If you haven't tried Zumba i highly recommend it. If i had the time and money to do it every day of the week i would.
My other promises to myself are to be more organised around the house. As a crafter it is sooo easy to just leave what ever project I am working on across the dinning room table which doubles up as my work space. This isn't an option now as we have also committed to making sure we eat as a family around the table. Daniel does much better when we all eat at the table, he is even making less mess and staying put til he has finished now and that's after just 2 weeks.
My last task is to read four books on the British monarchy by the end of this year. i have two lined soon as i finish the twilight series :-)

I am a mother to boys so have a little bug bear with shops of any kind. If you want it in pink not a problem but blue or green no chance. Boys clothes always have less floor space then the girl section. This has spilled over in my crafting too. I have been making bandana style dribble bibs for my little craft page. Material for girls is so easy to come by and doesn't cost the earth but boy fabric is like gold dust and just as expensive. Until today that is......ebay searching paid off and i have ordered some really cute fabric for my next batch of bibs. If you have the same problem and would like the link just let me know.

So back to the dining room table i go to do the thing that keeps me out of the kitchen ans away from the fridge.


Rachael G said...

Good luck with the healthly eating, I have been on SW for the past year which has helped, but so far this year my will power has totally left me!
Do you go to Zumba with a friend or on your own?

ter@waaoms said...

Good luck with everything!!

*virtual buttkicks across the ocean*

Lane aka Willow said...

Rachael i used to go with friends but each of them lasted a few weeks so i just thought sod it and carried on going. I now count the instructor as a friend and have made friends with some of the other ladies that go.
Thanks for the virtual kick Terri :-)