Friday, 24 February 2012

Changing times

The regular blogs haven't quite worked out the way i planned. I am going to say that its because i have been so busy crafting, which is sort of true but i have also been trying to find a way to be one of those really interest bloggers that i follow.
I like to think that I am quite friends tell me i am...or maybe they aren't laughing with me just at me lol.

So March is here and I have had a few changes in my life. Sadly my mother in law passed away on the 1st of February after 9ver 8 years of fighting Cancer and the after effects. We will miss her so much. Its hard to talk about her in past tense, its sad to think my youngest son will never remember her or how much she loved her grandchildren. She was like a real mother to me for the 18 years that i new her. As we all morn her loss we also have to watch her husband, my father in law start his 2nd battle with cancer. Life is truly so unfair at times.

I am still trying to make my little at home business work. Now i know the time i put in to the items doesn't reflect the price in the way that some products are alot of work that if i worked out the hourly rate i would be on about 25pph, but i love making things and its nice that my hobby pays for itself with some left over for a few treats for the family.

The last change so far is the looking after me part. I am making more time to exercise and trying to make better choices with my food as often as i can. This has resulted in me shifting 5lbs over the last two weeks. I really enjoy the extra Zumba sessions and the few miles i have tried to walk once a week.

So hopefully this is the sign of things to come.

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ter@waaoms said...

I hope your changes bring many positive things in your life. Thank you for being my friend and virtually butt-kicking me whenever I need it. :)