Saturday, 31 December 2011

A year in a day

I always have every intention of keeping this blog up to date then before i know it months have gone by and i haven't written a thing. Then i wonder if i should just give up as i have no idea if anyone actually reads it. Its like a vicious circle I want to be a loved blogger but if i don't post then why will people check back.
I am a facebook addict and i see lots of blogs on peoples craft pages that i enjoy looking at and then the green eyed monster comes out and i want to be as clever with words and crafts as they are.
So today i will do a year in a day with the promise to myself that i will blog more often in 2012.

I decided that I couldn't take one more year without my boys having a headstone so i spepped up my crafting efforts. I also came in contact with a group on facebook call Ambers Angel World. The ladies who run it were really supportive and held an auction to help myself and another lady get the final funds needed for our children's headstones.

I organised another walk to remember and it was attended by lots more people. It was sad that these people had to come together because it meant they had lost a child or children but it was good that we could all get together a support each other. For many of these families it may have been the first time that they had heard someone else say their childs name.
My husband, son and father ran a 5k to raise funds for the items we buy for the hospital and we were able to supply Nevil Hall with a new camera/printer, moses baskets and more.
We will be trying to raise funds for a cold cot for the two local hospitals over the coming year/s.

I learnt some new craft skills this year and gave quite a few handmade gifts at Christmas, I hope the people liked them. I learnt to make jewellery, intricate hand embroidery and book binding. I will do more of it this coming year if people take an interest in it on my page.
I am meant to be on holiday from the sewing machine but as i had asked for a few accessories for Christmas i have been naughty and started some of my orders for the new year early. I put an idea in to a facebook page that was looking for a vintage style banner, i was so chuffed when they decided to commission me to do the job because it meant they liked my idea. So this week I started the job and learnt how to mitre a corner when joining a boarder with four different materials to the main panel.
Once i am able to plug the printer in when the children go back to school i can start crafting again.


ter@waaoms said...

I still read your blog. I have you on my reader so when you post a new post, it will pop up. so you just need to post more often. :) and also the best way to get more traffic to your blog is to comment on other people's blogs. :)

Lane aka Willow said...

Thanks Terri I plan on getting back into the bloging world instead of snacking this year lol.

Maggie said...

You're a lot like me because this is the most I've been on the blogs in a real long time! I've actually been able to pop in because I've been off of work. Not sure when I'll be able to come back, I do miss it though and look forward to reading more of yours in the new year. xoxo