Monday, 21 February 2011

A few crafty things

I have been making a few bits and bobs this past month and thankfully some of these have been orders so i have been paid for them. This means we are a little closer to getting the boys their headstone. I have even got the knitting needles out this past few weeks and although i have had to frog one item several times due to knitting while tired i have really enjoyed knitting again.

This is a little craft bag i made for a friend who likes cats.
This my first attempt at an angel cape for little ones who are born too soon and too small for clothes. I hope to make a few more before Easter.

This is a weighted blanket. A friend ordered it to aid the sleep of her son that has ADHD and although he's not too happy with it, it works and they are both getting some much needed sleep now. I was really pleased with this because i didn't have a pattern for this i just got to see a sample for about 10 minutes and took a few photos.

I made the this one for my niece on her 13th birthday.
This one I made for my friends daughters 10th birthday.

Finally my first attempt at making welsh cakes turned out rather well. The recipe made a few more then i was expecting though 96 in all although you can't see 96 as we all had a few as the were coming off the bake stone. Most of these were for my Father in Law's birthday.

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