Monday, 7 June 2010

And another thing....

Well as usual my intent on trying to update more often has failed in spectacular fashion. That said I put the blame entirely on Face book. I go for a quick look round and before you know it hours have passed, I've farmed, nightclubbed, cooked in my cafe and played too many card or word games to count.
Well what's been happening with me. The weight loss has slowed right down. I know the reason for this and that is I have zero will power right now. I seem to be OK for half of the week but the other half goes down the pan. It's like the food calls to me and I have to eat it. So far this week I have been bad on Thursday and Friday, good(ish) on Saturday, better on Sunday and on track today.
I have discovered a great way to keep fit, Zumba. If you haven't tried it you should, I always feel fantastic after a class although very sweaty.
This is a big year in our house. George my oldest finishes primary school soon, then goes up to comp in September. I am just as emotional about it as he is. He's got so big and is so far away from my little boy, yet i still think it will be a big shock for him, like the big shock i had today when he bought the uniform price list home. Don't you just love that a school can dictate to you what your child wears right down to school coat and bag, then charge 3 times what things would cost in normal shops. Now don't get me wrong I'm all for uniform but what's wrong with a colour and a badge you can sew onto a jumper. Can't believe I am going to say this but here goes...When i was in school it didn't cost you almost £100 just for school clothes. They even tell you at what time of year you can wear types of shirt for god sake. It's a school not the bloody army you know.
Well rant over time to talk about the bits and bobs i have been making this year. I have had the sewing machine out more the the knitting/crochet needles so far this year. Made quite a few bags for friends children. Had a go at making a cushion cover which after a little folding trouble turned out great so i made another and put some appliqué on it.

Cushion for a friends little girl. I am told it went down very well as it goes everywhere with her.
Crocheted scarf in Liverpool and Wales colours for my other friends son.
I made this for the brother of the little girl who had the cushion, the snake has been as far as Portugal too lol.....its a good job the scarf comes off.
These bags were from my friends daughters dance shoes.


Maggie said...

I have to agree with you on the whole Facebook thing! What would we do without it? :-D Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really love all the little things you make. If I werent' working & on Facebook all the time, I might be doing that too! If you ever need help with your Angel R.A.E. project, let me know. Not sure how much time or what exactly I could do, but I'd love to help in any small amount I can. :)

Lane aka Willow said...

Hi Maggie thanks for taking a look at my blog. Glad you like the bits and bobs. As for my Angel R.A.E project help would be great but as i live in the UK it might be a bit too far for you to get stuff to me. That said you maybe be able to start something similar in your area in memory of Alexandra.