Saturday, 9 January 2010

A new year

Wow two years has gone by since i made a post here. I have had so many changes in my life. We were lucky enoughto be blessed with another baby. Since we last got pregnant they had discovered a few more things that might have led to me losing the boys. I had a blood test and they said i had something called Factor S deficency, something to do with clotting. I was prescribed 150 mgs of asprin every day and a self administered shot of Clexane every day. I also had an ultra sound of my uturus and all the vessales feeding it. This resulting in them finding out i had poor blood flow to the uterus which was also something that made the babies not make it.
To cut a long story short i had Daniel at 36 week by c-section on 10th July 2008. He's a great little boy and his big brother George loves him to bits. Our family will always be missing three little boys but Daniel has helped us heal more then we ever thought we would.

So my plans for this year....loose more weight. I lost just over 2 stone (29lbs) before Christmas but had three weeks off and ended putting 6lbs back on. Back on the wagon now (well most of the time lol) and I'm going to try and get another 2 stone off this year and then try to keep it off. I am doing this by following weight watchers points system, wii fot and roller skating dowm my local park weather permitting.
More crafting, cleaning and learning. i also want to put my Angels R.A.E's program into action. You can read about that in the panel on the side over there >>>>>>>>.

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