Monday, 17 June 2013

Remember why you started

When I was 20 I picked up a cross stitch kit to pass the time while my then boyfriend played cricket on a Saturday afternoon. I really enjoyed it and bought another one and then another. Cross stitching passed the time and rekindled the love for being creative that i subdued in school because I assumed that if you couldn't draw then you weren't artistic.
A few years down the line I started designing my own patterns with a computer program. Nothing huge but i was please with the result. My most prized pattern at that time was one I designed for my Share sisters. Share was a site that helped me after the loss of my 3rd son Adam. At this point I had two sons (Evan & Adam)who had passed away during pregnancy and one healthy three year old called George. I went on to lose another little boy Ryan. Then we were blessed to have Daniel. I carried on designing patterns.
This is one I made for a friend. I have yet to stitch one for my three Angels.
Then came the sewing machine, I used an old one to try and make a camel costume for George when he got a part in the school nativity when he was four. It wasn't very good and I didn't manage to do the head but I was still proud I managed to make something without a pattern. It even had a little hump lol.
I started my facebook page to raise money to pay for a headstone for my boys and I managed to do that. By this time I had tried many different crafts and was really enjoying making and learning. The bonus came when I got to help pay the bills and buy some treats for the family. I work many more hours than when i used to "go out" to work but I love what I do and if I need to I can drop everything and go get the children or whatever needs to be done. 
So now i come to the point of the post. This weekend my children were both ill so there was no working at the machine. They needed me at the drop of a hat. I was so grateful that this was possible due to me working for myself. I have a four year old and an 13 year old but both of them needed their Mummy to look after them and give the cwtches. I didn't have to rely on someone else doing this for me.
While they were sleeping I picked up a crochet hook and logged on to you tube to do something I have been wanting to have a go at for a long time. I made a little flower first and was really pleased so i looked at other tutorials. Slowly between looking after each child and making dinner for my husband and father I made the butterfly in the top photo. Its not huge, it took me a few hours but I was so pleased with it. 
While everyone slept I sat downstairs and thought to myself that although the reason I ended up crafting something for myself wasn't the best I loved learning and having something to show for it.
From now on I am going to make sure that the only crafting I do on a Sunday will be something for myself and my family. The thrill of knowing people want to buy your creations is wonderful but remember why you picked up the needles, the hook or whatever you use in your craft and make something for yourself.
Happy Crafting.

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