Wednesday, 16 January 2013

To dye for?

Now I know this isn't really a craft post but it has had me thinking for some time now.
For those of us out there who dye are hair, why do we dye it?
At the grand age of 37 (until May) I have been dying my hair for over 20 years. It started because i wanted something a bit more exciting then brown. Now it has become a must to cover the white hair that is taking over my head. Just before Christmas was the last time i hide the truth but I am either using the wrong dye or my hair is fighting me because with in weeks the colour fades and the dye seems to come away from the white hair.
So I got to thinking what I would look like if I just grew it out and faced up to the fact that I will be a white hairs lady before i thought. Right now it looks about 60/40 or 70/30 if I want to be kind.
Should I keep spending all this money trying to stop time or should I just jump in and see what it looks like. I can always dye it if i don't like it right?
My plan is to have a hair cut so that i cut lots of the old dyed hair out and that it hopefully doesn't look so bad as I am growing it out. I tried stripping the dye off but it just turned my hair Ginger, not that I don't like ginger, in fact i spent years trying to get that colour if I had only know all I needed was a box of colour stripper I would have saved a fortune.
Would you do it if you were me? Does anyone want to join me? Would anyone like to see pictures as I go along? or should i just go get some dye and wait a few more years?


Melanie Soper said...

I've been dying my hair now since I was 14, as that is when I noticed my first grey hairs! I'm now pushing 40 in just over 6 months and I have way too much grey hair! I tried to do what you are thinking about a few years ago, but it got to the stage where I cried a little everytime I looked in the mirror.I just couldn't embrace my grey :'(

As the years have gone on, my hair colour has become more and more wacky, and it's currently black with a whole rainbow of other colours in it, like pink, purple, red, orange and yellow! I will NEVER have my hair in it's natural state again I don't think LOL

I would have to say, don't do it, and have a look at all the different brands of dye and make sure you use ones that are suitable for covering grey hair :)

Melanie Soper said...
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