Thursday, 24 May 2012

Back to fabric this week

Well as much as i have been enjoying the paper cutting it was time to get back to fabric things. On the list are two welsh dollies and a patchwork wall hanging. I finished the wall hanging lastnight and i am really happy with it. I have never made one before with patchwork so i kind of made it all up as i went along.

I also started with the dollies. One of them has a face and has been sewn up, I shall stuff her this evening after everyone has gone to bed and left me in piece. I think she is quite a pretty little girl with her big brown eyes. Her name is Colette.

No paper cutting for me this week but i have to say although I am itching to have a go I am still enjoying all my fabricy things. Colette will be getting brown hair and a welsh girl outfit over the next few days and a dress to change into when she doesn't want wear her traditional outfit.

I am also eagerly awaiting my first design pack from the sewing boutique who picked me to be on their design team. What to make with the items is taking lots of  my thoughts. I love creating things but always get nervous for the reveal.

I have decided that i would really love to take a GCSE in textiles so will start looking around to see if any of the local schools do an adult course. I just hope i am still able to study after years of no study.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Well here i am again and its not the longest gap between blogs so i am quite pleased with myself. 
Along with this i am keeping myself busy with singing with Mello'D' and the other crafts i can't stop doing. I have started paper cutting. This is one of my first cuts. I have also just been chosen to be on the design team for I am looking forward to getting my first batch and thinking about what to do with what i get sent. This is going to make my blogs a more regular thing. I do hope those that still visit will stay with me and even leave a comment or two. I might just get good at this.